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What Are The 5 Most Important Elements Of A Great Web Design in 2020

In this day and age as we enter into the 2020’s, the importance of a website for your business is highly significant. A great website is what brings customers to your store and attracts clients whether old or new to support you. These days, websites carry the weight of your business’s success and therefore, to have a web design that stands out will help. There are several elements that a good web design has compared to a bad one. Here are our 5 most important elements to what makes a great web design in 2020.

  1. User Experience
    The first element to a good website is how much effort and thought is put into providing its users with the most pleasing experience. The purpose of a website is to allow customers or clients into your space and allow you to serve them. Whether it is to buy a product from you, learn something new that your expertise is in, or find something that they’re looking for – your website is used with a purpose. Therefore, your website must be easy to navigate.A web designer in Singapore or for that matter, anywhere in the world, will have the knowledge in forecasting how your users’ thinking process could work when it comes to navigating your page. There is no point to have a lot of valuable information on your site if it can’t be found. A site map or an easy navigation system that a user can follow will help to retain customers on your website for longer. When in need of help, it is also a good idea to have a live chat system to make your website an interactive one just like how you would be served at a shop. Great customer service to prompt users in their next action to take will help users use your site better and hence result in more sales.
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  2. Content
    The depth of your content and relevance to what the user is looking for will have a large impact on the reliability of your site. For example, a site which is promoting photography services but has no content in what type of photography services they specialise in, or their services are advertised in predominantly all text – more than not, customers will not have a good feeling towards what you are offering.Making sure that you have engaging content for customers to make use of and find valuable will increase your company reputation in its professionalism and expertise by a lot. Although a given, it is also worth making clear that the way your business comes into any appearance by an end user is through the relevance of the content you put out. Therefore, it may be worth engaging in a website design company to make sure you are creating the right kind of content your users would want to see.
  3. Attractiveness
    How attractive your website is will affect the engagement rate of your users. To have an attractive web design means to design to suit your users liking whilst also sticking to your branding. There are many ways you could do this, through colours, pop-ups, animation, videos, photos, catchy graphics. However, there should be a balance between attractiveness and annoyance. You do not want to stand out so much that you come off as rather annoying than bold and engaging to your users.
  4. SEO Friendliness
    All the effort that goes into designing the most attractive, friendly and engaging website, there is no use unless it can be found on the web. The position of your website in search engines will determine who will be able to reach you and how you can generate traffic for anyone to utilise your content. There are many SEO strategies that a web designer in Singapore can advise you with to make your website on top rankings.
  5. Conversions
    Ultimately, as a business owner, you want to see conversions. Seeing as the main objective of a website and a great web design is to generate customers or clients to connect with through an online platform. It is great to be able to provide your user with the knowledge and service that they require through your website which will increase your conversions and build lasting relationships.

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5 Tips To Choose A Reliable Website Designer in Singapore

Choosing a good web designer can be difficult and finding one in your local vicinity can be even more of a hassle. Most times it’s advisable to find a web designer you can see physically in order to properly discuss what you want on your website and what you don’t. You could discuss it over a video call but a face-to-face meeting would be more in-depth and there would be more reasoning and understanding between you and the web designer. You might want to build a website for your clothing store or your arts and craft store. Perhaps you sell stationery, groceries or you run an investment company. These all need a certain type of website. A website for stationery and toys is going to be a lot more colorful than that of an investment company.  In these situations, you need complete and total understanding.

A travel site develop by our web designer in Singapore

Website designers in Singapore are everywhere but they’re not all reliable. If you’re searching for a website designer in Singapore you need to know how to choose a good web designer. Here are five tips we have to share with you to ensure you choose the right website designer.

  1. Budget – The first thing you need to take into consideration is how much you have. Before you start discussing the finer details you have to say your budget and the sort of design you’re going for. If they don’t agree, find another website designer or settle for a more affordable design. You and the website designer should agree on the cost before the project starts in order to avoid any misunderstandings.
  2. Ask Around – Before searching for a website designer online, ask your friends or businesses with websites you admire. Ask if they can share the contact of their website designer in Singapore. In some situations, the contact details of the designer will be included in the design but this is not always the case. If you’re trying to imitate a particular design you’ve seen on a website it’s advisable to contact whoever designed it before searching for alternatives.
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  3. Portfolios are important! – The website designer’s portfolio is extremely important. Ask for it and look at their designs. You could draw inspiration from the designs you see and you can also find out if they’ve designed any website similar to what you’re trying to do. When you’ve done this, cross-check the websites on the internet and make sure they’re not lying and claiming websites they didn’t actually download. Portfolios also show their skill improvement and how often they practice their craft.
    Example of web design for a corporate site
  4. Continuity/ Long Term relationships – Your website will need upkeep every now and then. Find a website designer that is willing to drop in and check on the website from time to time. Yes, you can find a different website designer to do these little things but it’ll be more efficient to work with the designer who originally designed the website. To ensure this happens work with a reliable company or website designer that will not suddenly disappear or fade into obscurity. Work with reliable website designers.
  5. They must be up to date – Do not work with website designers who are not informed on the latest tools in web design. They might know what they’re doing but your customers are going to be more attracted to a technologically savvy website, not a website that uses outdated designs.

A portfolio of web design for an educational institution

If you need a reliable and competent web designer in Singapore, check out Singapore Web Designer and iClick Media. We have designed over 100 websites and we have several web designers willing to help you actualize your website design dreams.

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5 Characteristics Of A Good Web Designer

Web design is a competitive field. The internet is getting stronger, therefore, there are more people whose jobs are on the internet. People like influencers, YouTube content creators, bloggers, and web designers. Having a website is now a necessity for most if not all business. Digitization is the most effective way to market one’s products to a wider audience and at the same time a more specific audience. Having a website is important and to have a good website you need a good web designer. Web designers are simply people who design websites. A web designer must be hardworking and diligent but they must also have some particular qualities. Here are five characteristics you need to watch out for to ensure good output.

  1. Flexibility and Versatility – A good web designer must be flexible and versatile. They must be able to adapt to the project at hand. The programming language they’re well versed in doesn’t necessarily matter. What matters is how they use that knowledge to produce great sites. They must be able to adjust the project and at the same time meet the needs of the client. Some projects may be impossible or the budget may not be adequate however it is their job to deal with these problems and find a solution that you and the designer are both comfortable with. They must also be able to design different kinds of websites. Specialization is a privilege and if they’re an upcoming web designer, it is a privilege they do not yet have. Therefore, they must be well versed in different types of web design.
  2. Ability to meet deadlines – This is a quality that every single worker needs whether web design or not. Meeting deadlines is extremely important. It is the best way to show professionalism. If they cannot meet a deadline, do not accept patronize them. If they can’t, talk to them and ask why. If they say it is because the project is time-intensive, give them a little more time.
  3. Internet Knowledge – It goes without saying that a web designer must be well-versed in the latest web technologies as well as other news that affect their job. They should be able to match the premade sites WordPress and Squarespace provide. They must know the tools available and add to their knowledge regularly. If a web designer isn’t up-to-date with the technologies, that is a red flag.
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  4. Experience – Experience is extremely important. Make sure you ask to see their portfolio. Look at the work they have done previously and see if there are any similarities to the project you want to do. The portfolio will show how well they can design and how often they design. These are two very important things that add to efficiency.
  5. SEO centered – While designing a website take note of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Ask the web designer to design websites that aren’t too heavy so that they load quickly. Take into consideration the country this website will be used, whether there’s a fast internet connection or not. Websites should be easy to understand. The web designer should make simple and efficient websites that will fully optimize SEO.

If you need a great and reliable web designer, check out Singapore Web Designer and iClick Media. We’ve designed numerous sites. A few of our clients are in the image below.

  1. http://www.lhngroup.com/
    LHN Group website
  2. https://www.euholidays.com.sg/
    EU Holidays website, developed by our web designer
  3. https://www.tmc.edu.sg/
    Portfolio of web design for TMC academy

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How to Decide the Basis of Your Content for SEO Purposes

Great content is the backbone of any successful Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy and so it only makes sense to have a solid basis for creating great content that works! Many novice digital marketers think good content just happens and don’t appreciate the thought process that goes into simply identifying what kind of content to create and share. There are a few checklist items that successful digital marketers use before creating content for SEO. Let iClick Media – your #1 SEO and Web Design company in Singapore share with you little nuggets of information that you can use when designing your website or implementing your SEO campaign.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is simply a method for you to identify the demand of certain keywords in a particular country that you are targeting. There are plenty of data available to show what the most popular searches are in any given month. Although using the right keywords in itself doesn’t guarantee driving traffic and revenue, it does ensure that you are not missing any important market segments or trends. In-demand keywords and correct execution (such as organic SEO) is an unbeatable combination for creating and sharing content.

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Update on Algorithms

Search engines algorithms (especially Google) are largely responsible for picking out content that the search engines deem relevant in the results page. Unfortunately, this isn’t something you learn once because the algorithms are constantly changing and updating. Google is especially notorious for ever-changing criteria. You need to understand the latest configurations and algorithms to ensure your content ranks high and to avoid penalties. Keep in mind what platform you are optimizing for such as Google or Yahoo and understand the specific algorithms for the specific search platform.

Make Use of Analytics & Tracking Software

Knowing what keywords you should be using is helpful but it doesn’t paint the entire picture. Knowing which keywords your competition is using helps to set yourself apart from the pack from the beginning.  Data trackers are great for getting insights into which keywords your competitors are using and to what effect. While at it, use these tools to understand yours and your competitor’s social media impact, keyword performance and brand or website mentions. 1 software that iClick Media has been using for many years is the Pro Rank Tracker software. We highly recommend this!

Plan for Informative Content

Finally, content based on providing solutions to problems rarely goes wrong as long as other aspects of SEO are well taken care of. Most people use search engines primarily to get answers to questions. Do extensive keyword and SEO research before creating the copy to ensure the information you are providing to the public is accurate. It also helps to site sources and to link to additional content where possible.

Other than providing answers, plan for scan-able and easy-to-digest content. People want information as quickly as possible which is why infographics are so popular. Visitors may prefer your competitor if you can’t provide answers immediately.  Here is an example of a video produced by iClick Media:

Creating a strong foundation for your content is a great way to ensure that you get the desired results. A little foresight before writing or creating content goes a long way in advancing your marketing campaign. Consider working with an SEO company which hires the best talent to help plan and create effective content.

Need more information on your SEO or Web project? Give us a ring at 6362 0123 today!

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Practical Tips for Creating Web Design in Singapore

Building a business website without proper planning is like constructing a building without having blueprints. A web design in Singapore will likely end up looking messy and disorganised if things go in wrong place and essential features are overlooked. Planning your site ahead of time will provide a clear direction and avoid missed deadlines and backtracking. You will also have enough time to decide what features to include and highlight on the homepage.Oftentimes, a web design company in Singapore will work with you in the planning stage of the website, guiding you and giving suggestions to ensure a quality outcome. So to help you out, here are some practical tips for creating the web design of your business website.

best web design in singapore

Set your Purpose and Goals in Creating Web Design

Before you start planning what design suits your business, there’s one thing you need to define first. What is the purpose of your site? Do you intend to gain publicity for your brand? Or do you want to highlight your products and services to increase sales and profits? It is critical to determine the purpose of your website and your target audience. In addition, you must also identify your goals. How many visitors do you anticipate to visit your site per month? How many do you expect will sign up for the business newsletter? How many leads do you expect to make? You need to set measurable, specific objectives for the website that are in line with the marketing goals.

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A professional Singapore web designer and his design

Create a Budget

Whether you are a start-up, mid-sized organisation or an established company, you need to set a budget for the website expenses. Have a realistic budget – not too small and not too big, just enough to get a professional looking business site. It’s possible to find web designers offering cheap packages, but don’t be scared to invest on your website. What you save in money you may later shell out with a lacklustre website design and lots of problems. It is always a good idea to pick a team based on experience, references, insightfulness, and sample works.

Create a Content Strategy

Content is very important these days as it can help you increase your website traffic and search engine ranking. So what kind of content do you want to display on your website? Content is basically anything that provides information to your site visitors. It may include the following, but not limited to:

  • Pictures Gallery
  • Blog Posts
  • Documents
  • Video
  • Slideshows
  • Embedded Social Media Feeds

A website designer in Singapore uses many devices to get the best web design

Your content technique is the way you plan to present your site content over time. Since content is a very important part of every website, you may seek help if you need it. You can hire professional copywriter with solid experience in writing for a website, and invest in high-resolution photos of your storefront and employees.

Structure your Website

Determine what pages you will be using and what features you want to be on each one. A professional looking website usually includes an About, Easy Navigation, Search Box, and Contact Page, which are two of the most important features of a website. Be sure the pages you use meet the needs of the business. Don’t add a feature that is not useful. A reliable company offering web design services in Singapore surely knows how to properly structure your website.

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What Makes a Good Website Design

Website Design Singapore

While visual design is essential on every website design in Singaporethe usability and utility are far more valuable to determine the success or failure of a particular site. Considering that site visitors are ones who click the mouse and decide everything, a user-centric website design has become a standard approach for a profit-oriented and success design. Besides, if the users cannot use a certain feature, then there’s no need to place it on the website design Singapore.

Any website that is not well designed tends to perform poorly and will likely have sub-optimal Google Analytics metrics. This website will surely have high bounce rate, low pages per visit, low time on site and low conversions. So what makes a good and successful web design? Here are some important things to keep in mind when designing a website Singapore.

Web Design Responsive Singapore
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Navigation Web Design Responsive Singapore

Navigation is all about how easy and simple it is for the visitors to take action and move around the website Singapore. Some of the most effective navigation tactics include using bread crumbs, a logical page hierarchy, clickable buttons, and following the “three click rule” wherein users can find the information they are searching for within three clicks. Navigation is very important on every website to ensure great user experience. If the users find it hard to move around on your site, chances are they will leave immediately.

website design in Singapore

Images Web Design Singapore

Indeed, a picture can speak a thousand words, but you should choose carefully what kind of images to integrate on your website design in Singapore. Pick the right images that can help connect with your target audience and promote the brand. The quality of the images is of substantial importance since it reflects your business. In case you don’t have high-resolution images, you may consider purchasing stock photos to improve the look of the site. Adding videos or graphics is also a good idea as they can be more effective at communicating than most well-written text. Be sure to optimise the images so that they will not affect the loading time of your site.

Responsive web design Singapore

Communication Way of Making Web Design Singapore

Website visitors want to get the information they are searching for immediately. So it is of substantial importance to communicate clearly with the visitors and make the information simple, easy to read and understandable. Some of the effective strategies to integrate into the web design include using bullet points rather than long sentences, organising information using headlines and sub headlines, and cutting the waffle. To ensure that your visitors can easily find the information, choose a web design company in Singapore that is fully aware of these tactics. In fact, they might even have other strategies that are more effective.

Layouts Design Web Singapore

Grid Based Layouts Design Web

If you place contents randomly on your site, it might end up looking too messy and disorganised. Having an untidy website will surely discourage your visitors to stay longer on your website, thus increasing your bounce rate. Instead of placing random contents, why not use grid based layout on your website? Grid-based layouts organise content into columns, sections and boxes that line up neatly, which leads to better looking and pleasing web design in Singapore.

Load Speed Website Design Singapore

Load Speed Website Singapore

Without a doubt, everybody hates a site that takes ages to fully load. There are many factors that can affect the loading time of a website, so it is critical to address them as soon as possible. Some effective ways to make the site loads faster include combining code into a central CSS or JavaScript, minify HTML or CSS, and optimising image sizes. Your chosen website design company from Singapore should be knowledgeable of this. If not, then you should consider looking for another designer.
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