5 Tips To Choose A Reliable Website Designer in Singapore

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5 Tips To Choose A Reliable Website Designer in Singapore

Choosing a good web designer can be difficult and finding one in your local vicinity can be even more of a hassle. Most times it’s advisable to find a web designer you can see physically in order to properly discuss what you want on your website and what you don’t. You could discuss it over a video call but a face-to-face meeting would be more in-depth and there would be more reasoning and understanding between you and the web designer. You might want to build a website for your clothing store or your arts and craft store. Perhaps you sell stationery, groceries or you run an investment company. These all need a certain type of website. A website for stationery and toys is going to be a lot more colorful than that of an investment company.  In these situations, you need complete and total understanding.

A travel site develop by our web designer in Singapore

Website designers in Singapore are everywhere but they’re not all reliable. If you’re searching for a website designer in Singapore you need to know how to choose a good web designer. Here are five tips we have to share with you to ensure you choose the right website designer.

  1. Budget – The first thing you need to take into consideration is how much you have. Before you start discussing the finer details you have to say your budget and the sort of design you’re going for. If they don’t agree, find another website designer or settle for a more affordable design. You and the website designer should agree on the cost before the project starts in order to avoid any misunderstandings.
  2. Ask Around – Before searching for a website designer online, ask your friends or businesses with websites you admire. Ask if they can share the contact of their website designer in Singapore. In some situations, the contact details of the designer will be included in the design but this is not always the case. If you’re trying to imitate a particular design you’ve seen on a website it’s advisable to contact whoever designed it before searching for alternatives.
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  3. Portfolios are important! – The website designer’s portfolio is extremely important. Ask for it and look at their designs. You could draw inspiration from the designs you see and you can also find out if they’ve designed any website similar to what you’re trying to do. When you’ve done this, cross-check the websites on the internet and make sure they’re not lying and claiming websites they didn’t actually download. Portfolios also show their skill improvement and how often they practice their craft.
    Example of web design for a corporate site
  4. Continuity/ Long Term relationships – Your website will need upkeep every now and then. Find a website designer that is willing to drop in and check on the website from time to time. Yes, you can find a different website designer to do these little things but it’ll be more efficient to work with the designer who originally designed the website. To ensure this happens work with a reliable company or website designer that will not suddenly disappear or fade into obscurity. Work with reliable website designers.
  5. They must be up to date – Do not work with website designers who are not informed on the latest tools in web design. They might know what they’re doing but your customers are going to be more attracted to a technologically savvy website, not a website that uses outdated designs.

A portfolio of web design for an educational institution

If you need a reliable and competent web designer in Singapore, check out Singapore Web Designer and iClick Media. We have designed over 100 websites and we have several web designers willing to help you actualize your website design dreams.

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