Should you choose WordPress for your website design project?

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Should you choose WordPress for your website design project?

WordPress is a platform that supports web design and development work. It is known to be a free and open-source site that enables the building of websites either through using the various templates available or constructing from scratch.

WordPress is the most favorite platform used by web designers

There are various inbuilt features in WordPress which includes the different themes and templates for web pages, as well as free plugins. Want to become a successful Singapore web designer? Learn how WordPress can provide a much more efficient way for you to work on your website as a website designer.

Why choose WordPress?

1) Wide range of customization options

“Customizable” is a word that can be used to sum up WordPress. When using this platform to create your website, you will be able to experiment with the different features, functionalities and designs available. With a variety of readymade themes and designs available, you have the ability to select your preferred template to work on. Since WordPress grants users full access to the codes, you are free to view and edit the codes to personalise your web page instantaneously. Apart from customising websites using codes, you can also make use of the plugins offered on site to include the appropriate features and functionalities you deem necessary.

2) Large pool of online resources

With WordPress being used by many of its clients, it has grown to have a huge consumer base. This created consumer base has further evolved into a WordPress community consisting of all kinds of users. This online platform facilitates discussion and answers to queries amongst users, making it a relatively easy way to search for their queries.

3) Ability to integrate third-party services

Apart from the predefined library, WordPress allows you to install and link your website with other third-party services through the addition of code snippets and plugins. This enables you to create advanced features and integrate them into your website, which can result in better website visuals. For instance, you can choose to add in a theme you want to use.

How can you prepare yourselves before using WordPress?

1) Build up on coding skills

It is true that you can get your website done up on WordPress without having to code due to it being both a code and no-code site. However, having knowledge of web-related coding languages can definitely help you to enhance your web designs as well as create a page that is more unique and personalised to their preferences. Some of the common coding languages for web design using WordPress includes:

  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript

Through acquiring skills in coding, you are able to edit codes to create a more intuitive and interactive website that meets your needs. In the event the provided templates do not appeal to you, you are presented with another choice which is to create and design your own template from scratch.

A list of html codes used on website design

However this would only be possible if you are equipped with the necessary coding skills. Apart from web design, knowing how to code can also come in handy when there is a need to perform troubleshooting activities for your website. If you ever encounter any website issue, you can only rely on the community of WordPress users for assistance. This will mean that the responses provided would most likely involve suggested codes to resolve the issue faced, hence, it is very beneficial to know some coding skills in order to counter such issues. Alternatively, you can engage a web developer to assist you with the more technical side of things such as coding activities, but it may not be suitable if you are on a tight budget.

2) Gain technical knowledge on hosting a website

You may have come across two different types of WordPress websites, and So what exactly are the differences between them?
Type of web hosting Fully-hosted service Self-hosted service
Who manages your web hosting? WordPress’s service provider Each user has to be responsible for their own hosting.
Do you have to be involved in the web hosting process? No, it is usually done by the service provider themselves. This limits the amount of control a user has over their own website as the web hosting activities are already pre planned for them. For instance, they are not entitled to decide their conditions for web hosting such as the preferred service providers. Yes, you have to manage your own website’s hosting activities from start to end, which includes securing your own website. But this means that you are given full management of your own site which gives you the freedom to select the different specifications of web hosting.
Are there any limitations in terms of features and functionalities of your website? Yes, not all plugins are accepted. This reduces the kinds of features and functions your website can provide. No, all kinds of plugins can be used on your website.

Based on the table above, a fully-hosted website on WordPress can provide ease to users in terms of not having to worry about the technicalities of setting up and hosting their own website. However, it also means that users have to compromise and sacrifice in certain areas especially in the area of decision making for the web hosting requirements and functionalities of the website.

Hence, it is generally recommended to opt for self-hosting ( In this way, you are able to fully manage your website with no limitations. But this can pose a huge challenge to users especially if they are not familiar with the operations of web hosting. Having to handle the start to end process of hosting your website can be very tedious and requires an immense amount of technical skills, especially since it involves ensuring the security of the website. Hence, obtaining the relevant skills needed for the process of hosting your own website can be useful.


With plentiful resources available, WordPress enables you to easily create your very own website! Hence, it is a highly-recommended website builder platform for all web designers including starters to use.

UI and UX mockup in a web design

Having coding knowledge in WordPress also improves your chances of being hired as a website designer in a web design company. If you are keen to learn more about the various website design projects done using WordPress, you can visit the Singapore web designer page to view past projects.

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