5 Characteristics Of A Good Web Designer

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5 Characteristics Of A Good Web Designer

Web design is a competitive field. The internet is getting stronger, therefore, there are more people whose jobs are on the internet. People like influencers, YouTube content creators, bloggers, and web designers. Having a website is now a necessity for most if not all business. Digitization is the most effective way to market one’s products to a wider audience and at the same time a more specific audience. Having a website is important and to have a good website you need a good web designer. Web designers are simply people who design websites. A web designer must be hardworking and diligent but they must also have some particular qualities. Here are five characteristics you need to watch out for to ensure good output.

  1. Flexibility and Versatility – A good web designer must be flexible and versatile. They must be able to adapt to the project at hand. The programming language they’re well versed in doesn’t necessarily matter. What matters is how they use that knowledge to produce great sites. They must be able to adjust the project and at the same time meet the needs of the client. Some projects may be impossible or the budget may not be adequate however it is their job to deal with these problems and find a solution that you and the designer are both comfortable with. They must also be able to design different kinds of websites. Specialization is a privilege and if they’re an upcoming web designer, it is a privilege they do not yet have. Therefore, they must be well versed in different types of web design.
  2. Ability to meet deadlines – This is a quality that every single worker needs whether web design or not. Meeting deadlines is extremely important. It is the best way to show professionalism. If they cannot meet a deadline, do not accept patronize them. If they can’t, talk to them and ask why. If they say it is because the project is time-intensive, give them a little more time.
  3. Internet Knowledge – It goes without saying that a web designer must be well-versed in the latest web technologies as well as other news that affect their job. They should be able to match the premade sites WordPress and Squarespace provide. They must know the tools available and add to their knowledge regularly. If a web designer isn’t up-to-date with the technologies, that is a red flag.
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  4. Experience – Experience is extremely important. Make sure you ask to see their portfolio. Look at the work they have done previously and see if there are any similarities to the project you want to do. The portfolio will show how well they can design and how often they design. These are two very important things that add to efficiency.
  5. SEO centered – While designing a website take note of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Ask the web designer to design websites that aren’t too heavy so that they load quickly. Take into consideration the country this website will be used, whether there’s a fast internet connection or not. Websites should be easy to understand. The web designer should make simple and efficient websites that will fully optimize SEO.

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  1. http://www.lhngroup.com/
    LHN Group website
  2. https://www.euholidays.com.sg/
    EU Holidays website, developed by our web designer
  3. https://www.tmc.edu.sg/
    Portfolio of web design for TMC academy

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