What Makes a Good Website Design

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What Makes a Good Website Design
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While visual design is essential on every website design in Singaporethe usability and utility are far more valuable to determine the success or failure of a particular site. Considering that site visitors are ones who click the mouse and decide everything, a user-centric website design has become a standard approach for a profit-oriented and success design. Besides, if the users cannot use a certain feature, then there’s no need to place it on the website design Singapore.

Any website that is not well designed tends to perform poorly and will likely have sub-optimal Google Analytics metrics. This website will surely have high bounce rate, low pages per visit, low time on site and low conversions. So what makes a good and successful web design? Here are some important things to keep in mind when designing a website Singapore.

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Navigation Web Design Responsive Singapore

Navigation is all about how easy and simple it is for the visitors to take action and move around the website Singapore. Some of the most effective navigation tactics include using bread crumbs, a logical page hierarchy, clickable buttons, and following the “three click rule” wherein users can find the information they are searching for within three clicks. Navigation is very important on every website to ensure great user experience. If the users find it hard to move around on your site, chances are they will leave immediately.

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Images Web Design Singapore

Indeed, a picture can speak a thousand words, but you should choose carefully what kind of images to integrate on your website design in Singapore. Pick the right images that can help connect with your target audience and promote the brand. The quality of the images is of substantial importance since it reflects your business. In case you don’t have high-resolution images, you may consider purchasing stock photos to improve the look of the site. Adding videos or graphics is also a good idea as they can be more effective at communicating than most well-written text. Be sure to optimise the images so that they will not affect the loading time of your site.

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Communication Way of Making Web Design Singapore

Website visitors want to get the information they are searching for immediately. So it is of substantial importance to communicate clearly with the visitors and make the information simple, easy to read and understandable. Some of the effective strategies to integrate into the web design include using bullet points rather than long sentences, organising information using headlines and sub headlines, and cutting the waffle. To ensure that your visitors can easily find the information, choose a web design company in Singapore that is fully aware of these tactics. In fact, they might even have other strategies that are more effective.

Layouts Design Web Singapore

Grid Based Layouts Design Web

If you place contents randomly on your site, it might end up looking too messy and disorganised. Having an untidy website will surely discourage your visitors to stay longer on your website, thus increasing your bounce rate. Instead of placing random contents, why not use grid based layout on your website? Grid-based layouts organise content into columns, sections and boxes that line up neatly, which leads to better looking and pleasing web design in Singapore.

Load Speed Website Design Singapore

Load Speed Website Singapore

Without a doubt, everybody hates a site that takes ages to fully load. There are many factors that can affect the loading time of a website, so it is critical to address them as soon as possible. Some effective ways to make the site loads faster include combining code into a central CSS or JavaScript, minify HTML or CSS, and optimising image sizes. Your chosen website design company from Singapore should be knowledgeable of this. If not, then you should consider looking for another designer.
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