What Is OpenCart Content Management System?

OpenCart is an easy to use Content Management System (CMS) with a strict focus on e-commerce sites. OpenCart primarily serves 2 kinds of purposes:

i) To use it to develop e-Commerce website
ii) To use it to develop Catalogue based website (product base with no e-commerce)

OpenCart is extremely easy to use and it has many functions. Some features of OpenCart includes:

  • Integration with Payment Gateway
  • Product Ratings & Reviews
  • Integration with Social Media platforms such as Facebook
  • Multiple currency integration
  • Create unlimited Categories, Sub-Categories and Sub-Sub Categories
  • Can change website theme easily
  • Can easily integrate with Shipping functionalit
  • SEO Friendly Features

OpenCart Portfolio

iClick Media has developed many websites using OpenCart system. Below are 3 of our portfolios for your viewing pleasure. To know more about developing an OpenCart CMS, do call our digital consultants at 6362 0123 or email us to get a quote!